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animals are awsome

12/29/13 by hankroxs101

Well i looked at a chart and 47% of america hate animals jerks if you hate animals.


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i like some animals but i thought you were talking about the song by Martin Garrix.

1/23/14 hankroxs101 responds:

Who is that?



I have got two rabbits in my flat - and i am part of their colony! They are running around everywhere without limitations for several hours the day - just like cats normally do. Love it to see them playing, jumping around and just doing silly things :D I want their life to be as comfortable and nice as possible. Love animals!



Thumbs up because animals are awesome, they are much better than some humans.

1/7/14 hankroxs101 responds:

I think animals are better than most human not just some.